Family Trees

Constance Anna Rusche (born Herrebrugh)

Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Maumere and The Banda Islands

Conny was born in 1914 in the Ulee Lheue region of Banda Aceh, on the most northwestern tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It was then a Dutch Colony called The Dutch East Indies. It was a very important seaport just brought into Dutch Colonial rule. Banda Ache was the entrance to the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. Not to be confused with The Banda Islands where the Herrebrugh’s were from. She was born a Dutch National.

Louis Reynard Herrebrugh


1914 – Louis became a customs officer at the port of Banda Ache and marries Anna Minke Teffer.
December 1915 – Louis Herrebrugh dies of Cholera in Banda Aceh at age 25. Cholera outbreaks were common during this time period.

Anna Minke Herrebrugh (Teffer)


My grandmother (Oma Minke) was born on June 16, 1889 in Maumere, Flores, Indonesia.

  •  She was the daughter of MattheusTeffer and Constantia Lenggoe Didop

  •  Constantia was the daughter of an Indonesian island Queen and therefore a princess!

  • 1914 – She marries Louis Herrebrugh


Andries Michiel Herrebrugh

Circa Mar 13 1850
Feb 27 1922

Owner of the Nutmeg Plantation Matelenco on the island of Ay in the Banda Islands.

1922 – Andries Herrebrugh dies in Semarang at age 72.

Anna Constance Herrebrugh (born Theodorusz)

Apr 16 1850

July 7 1916

Opa Teffer

Mattheus Teffer
Oct 2 1857

Dec 5 1921

Oma Teffer
Constantia Lenggoe Teffer (born Didop)


Anna Minke’s mother was Constantia Lenggoe Teffer (born Didop) who was the daughter of an Indonesian island Queen.

Herrebrugh Tree

Teffer Tree

1917 – Conny’s mother Anna Minke Herrebrugh remarries to her passed away husband Louis’s, half-brother Jacobus Johannes Bernardus Josephus Herrebrugh (1887-1945) in Sukabumi. Opa Jacq raises Conny and Mattheus.

Anne Minke Herrebrugh and Jacobus Johannes Bernardus Joesphus Herrebrugh (Jaqc)
  • 1945 – Anna Minke Herrebrugh’s second husband Jacobus Johannes Bernardus Josephus Herrebrugh (1887-1945) dies during the war.