The Herrebrugh Family

Around 1790, Evert Coenrardsz Herrebrugh
 first came to the Banda Islands from Amsterdam. In 1794, at age 22, he marries Elisabeth Leunissen in Banda Naira. They establish the nutmeg perk “Matalenco” on the island of Ai (Ay).

In 1821, Evert and Elisabeth’s son Evert Evertsz Herrebrugh (I) becomes the perkenier of the nutmeg perk “Spantij bij” in Lonthor on the Big Island of Banda. They have a son Evert Evertsz Herrebrugh (II) who marries Johanna Maria Charlotte Vermeer. They have a son Andries Michiel Herrebrugh.

1845 – The Dutch give the perkeniers titles to their perks and are now independently owned.

May 1, 1875 – Andries Michiel Herrebrugh opens the new  “Specery Land MATALENCO” on the island of Ai (Ay).

In 1
904 the perks were still  heavily debt laden and had to be sold to the Chinese family N.V. Kok who bought perks to complete against the Dutch government’s NHS.

In 1958, the nationalization of Indonesia converted the ownership of the perks to the Indonesian state.

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